Our "Senior High School" today, or as the Board of Education would say
"Central High School"
Several years ago the Board of Education at the urging of patrons, wisely decided not to close and destroy Central High
School, but instead to remodel and upgrade it into a modern educational facility.  The result is not only a fine school,
but today it is one of the most beautiful and unique landmarks in Springfield.   Below and on the following pages are
pictures of our school in all it's glory.  Thanks to Tom Bingaman for these wonderful pictures.  
This is where it all began.  Pictured above is the west wing of Senior High School.  Built in the late 1890's many said it was
too old and  dilapidated to be used as a school.  But voters, many of them who had attended school here, didn't agree and
supported the Board of Education plans to renovate the building by passing a very large bond issue.  It's now a showcase
among schools in the area, one that everyone can be proud of.
Our Senior HighSchool Today!