Harold Ege recently sent us a note with complements on Tom's Springfield Tour "Special Section."  He also sent along
some memories of his early years and kindly agreed to share them with us.  I always enjoy the stories and memories that
other classmates share with us.  If after reading Harold's thoughts, maybe you also have memories that you could share
with your classmates.  Please send them to us and we will publish them on School Days for everyone to enjoy.  

Thanks, Bob
Oh! A special note on 2 places in the tour.

(1) Gillioz Theater-  I remember going there with Mon and Dad a lot but one time in particular Mon,Dad, Donald,
and I went to see a showing of Alexander's Rag Time Band.  The theater was almost full and we had to set in the
balcony.  As the show started we realized the feature was not  Alexander's Rag Time Band.  We all got up, left
the theater and got our money back.  

Donald and I used to live in Monett,MO and there was a Gillioz Theater there also.  In the case of Monett the
theater was named after M.E. Gillioz who owned a bank and was big in road construction ( also a very good
Republican) .  Mon and Dad built a home in Monett out of Carthage stone from the quary in Carthage,MO.  Dad
bought the lot from M.E. who was particular about who he sold to as his sister lived next door.  We all moved to
Springfield just after the end of WW II.

(2)  The Manhattan Dinner House - Dad knew the owner who he worked with on the Frisco RR.  When I quit
college for a year at Missouri School of MInes (in Rolla ) Dad got me a job at the  Manhattan Dinner House
washing dishes.  Boy what a humbling experience.  Then Dad got me a job as a car man ( work on Box Cars,etc )
apprentice with the Frisco.  After about a year I went back to Rolla and finished in Jan 1959 and went to work for
Boeing in Wichita, KS.
Other memories of Monett.

The city had a very nice swimming pool.  That is where Donald and I learned to swim in a class given by some life

Monett also had a fine golf course.  Donald and I never did learn to not talk when someone was attempting a putt.

Dad worked for the Frisco as a boilermaker in Monett.  I remember during the war, he worked 7 days a week.  
Later on he did get ever other Sunday off.

My grandfather, William Fredrick Ege used to end his day on a Frisco locomotive in Monett.  During WW II he
would go down to the train depot and talk to the German solders who were headed for interment at Camp
Crowder west of Monett.  Gramps could speak fluent German but Dad never learned so I didn't but always
wanted to.

Just south of Monett is Roaring River State Park where they have a trout fishing area.  We've spent many a day
fishing with Dad and Donald.  Of course Mom didn't  fish but always wanted to go and share with her boys.


Thanks for sharing your early memories with us.  Maybe other classmates will do the same.
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