Who can forget Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, The Thin Man, Lum and Abner, tire swings, rolling hoops down the street, playing
outdoors after school until dinner was ready. The dinner selection - meat and 3 veg.  Hand-me-downs from brothers, sisters,
cousins, etc!  Saturday morning movies, the smell of a spring rain, the perfume of fresh cut hay. Great memories, fantastic!
Memories are a part of God's retirement plan!
We invite you to share with your classmates some of those special memories
and happenings since graduation that truly make life wonderful.
Marilou Kettell Reed sends some memorable events in her life to share with us.
When Tom Bingaman asked me to write
this, I didn't realize how hard it would be to
summarize seventy years in a few short
paragraphs, but here goes.

I got married a week after I graduated from
SMS.  At the time, my husband John was
career military so we moved often.  

The three years we spent in the Philippine
Islands, I believe were the most interesting.  
The first year was in Baguio City, the capital
of Luzon and is located very high up in the

I taught at Brent, a private school that had
been taken over by the Japanese and used
as a concentration camp during the war.  
Our headmaster was imprisoned there.  
Later we were transferred to Clark Field in
the lowlands and it was very hot.  It was like
a small American city as there were about
25,00 people stationed there.  An
experience I won't forget was teaching
kindergarten in a quonset hut during the
monsoon!  We did have a week in Hong
kong while in the Far East.
We have identical twin sons, a daughter
and eight grandchildren.  They all live
away, so we're still traveling.  

I'm enjoying retirement as I have many
hobbies.  I'm active in my church, and I
love to garden, both flowers and
vegetables.  I make baby quilts for
, and when I have extra time I like
to read.  I'm a real beginner on the
computer but I love to receive e-mail.  

You can reach me at

      Marilou Reed  (Kettell)
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