Classmate Connections!
Marilou Kettell Reed invited some classmate friends to her home for lunch and a mini-reunion
of the SHS Class of 1953.  Friends getting together to review old memories and to make a
visit to their virtual home, School Days.  We are pleased that they enjoyed their visit and were
willing to share the event with us in this picture by Tom Bingaman and story by Beauetta
Mason Hogan.
Left to Right, Marilou Kettell Reed  --  Barbara J. Kohlauff Tunnell  -- Beauetta Mason Hogan  --  Seated, Charlaine Garrison Louzander
This group of girls may look older but we're still young at heart.  
Seeing each other for the first time since our 50th Graduation
Reunion, we had a fun filled afternoon at Marilou Kettell Reed's.
Renewing of memories through the SHS web site brought lots
of joy and some tears when we realized that so many of our
classmates had passed on.  We were surprised when we
arrived and were told that Tom and Polly Bingaman plan to
come take pictures of our gathering for the web site.  After
visiting and desert, we decided that we would need to do this
again to get all our talking done.  

Beauetta Mason Hogan
SHS Class of 53
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