Classmate Connections!
SHS Class of 1953
Ladies Dinner Parties!
Once upon a time, many,many years ago, the Springfield Senior High School Class of 1953 decided to hold a
30 year Class Reunion.  And so it was that classmates came from far and near and gathered together to renew
friendships and enjoy each other's company.  They attended a Class Assembly, they toured the halls of SHS,
they ate good food and danced the night away.  And then the merriment came to an end.  And some were sad
saying that it might be many years before they saw one another again.   An thus it was that classmate Leona
Potter Snider said:
At the last meeting of the committee for our 30th Class Reunion, I said to the girls
sitting near me that I was going to miss seeing them.  Someone suggested that we meet
once a month to eat together and we have done that now for twenty three years.  The
original group that had worked on the Reunion were  --  Carolyn Raydon Mallicoat,
Marthe Drummond Close, Patty Thomasson Love, Wanda Shipley Hamilton, Charlotte
Cain Nelson, Anita Wheeler Henry, Mary Charlotte Humphrey Lines, Patti Fielder
Garwitz, Jan Bischoff Carroll, and me  --  Leona Potter Snider.

Not everyone met with us and some of the original group doesn't meet with us anymore.
Our Charlotte Cain Nelson has passed away.  Mary Jo Brandwein Becker met with us
for several years in the beginning.

Now the ones who usually meet together on the second Tuesday night of each month are:
Leona Potter Snider, Mary Charlotte Humphrey Lines, Pansy Nelson Bingham, Carolyn
McLemore Myers, Charlotte Smith Northrip, Pat Zirkle Neiman, Myrtle Slavens Shaw,
Barbara Stone Shaw and Betty Best Letterman.  These ladies usually meet each month at
the present time.  Others are planning to join us in future dinners.
And This is where it all began!
Reunion Committee
At Work -- 1983
If you have ever wondered how a reunion committee
gets formed and who gets what work to do, there
appears to be no answer to the questions.  many
members of the class live in Springfield, and probably
most would have been willing to work. Yet, the
committee seemed to just come together, and various
ones just did what was needed.  

After taking shape, the committee met sometimes
weekly, sometimes every other week.  The meetings
were enjoyable, but much planning was done each
time.  The majority of the work was done, however, day
in and day out between meetings.  

While everyone worked hard, the chair-person, Carolyn
Raydon Malicoat, did the most.  Perhaps it was
Carolyn's willingness to work that motivated the rest of
the group to keep at it.  At any rate, the planning and
the work got done, and the reunion was a great success.
And thus it is that even today these ladies
continue to gather together the second Tuesday
of each month to keep friendships fresh and
memories alive.  

Now through the lens of Tom Bingaman's
camera, let us visit one of these dinner parties
and see the merriment continue and get to know
some of our classmates better.  
SHS Class of 53
Picture Album