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The directory entries on the following pages were extracted from the Class of 53 Golden Anniversary "Black Book".  
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Springfield Senior High
Class of 1953
Directory Index

Joann Acheson Aton  - -  Thomas E Bingaman

Frances H Binney Abbott  - -  Allice Ray Cates Steed

Loretta May Champieux Golden  - - Clarence W. Davis

Mattie N. Davis Churchill  - -  Alice Ford Walker

Thomas H Fort  - -  Kay Hine Mowry

Mary Lee Hitchcock Gillies  - -  Donald Langston

Ernestine Lattamer Maynard  - -  Jimmie E. McGee

Lloyd Jim McKinney  - -  Jo Ann Pearl Buff

Lucille Pendergrass Webb  - -  Chloe Seaton Fielder

Richard A. Sells  - -  Linda Stevens Bixler

John H. Stogsdill  - -  Bonita Watson Duncan

Johnnie L Watts  - -  Patricia Zirkle Nieman
55th Reunion Directory