Welcome Springfield Senior High
School Class of 1953.  It's May 26,
1953, Graduation Day.
May 26, 1953.  The end of Senior High School Days for 560 Senior
Graduates. The beginning of the future for 560 Springfield
Citizens.  It all happened here, the Springfield Shrine Mosque.
Classmate Memories!
Do you remember Graduation Night?  Many of us have vague memories of that night at the
Shrine Mosque in Springfield.  Share your memories with us and we will  try and reconstruct
that important night for 560 seniors.  
What I remember about the stormy night of graduation is that I was on stage and they called my name when this loud thunder
sounded.  I started walking across the stage and more thunder then the lights go out.  Here I am in the dark on the stage when I
drop everything I had in my hands.  I had to get down on my hands and knees trying to find everything.  I just knew the lights
were going to come on while I was down on my knees or the guy behind me was going to stumble over me in the dark.  
Meanwhile,  I hear Miss Rathbone  calling "where are you.  Hurry up."  I made it to her finally.  I don't remember how long it was
before the lights came back on.
Charlotte Smith Northrip   
I remember it well.  It was cold and rainy and I had the flu.  I was not going to attend but my mother insisted that I make the big
trip to the Shrine Mosque.  As soon as the events of the evening were over I hurried to our old 1937 Plymouth, started the car
and turned up the heater as far as it would go.  I was freezing!!!
Larry Wiggins
I don't remember how long the lights were out, but I had received my diploma and was returning to my seat.  My mother was in
poor health at the time and had received permission from her doctor to attend.  We had to wait for the storm to die down and the
water in the streets to run off before we could leave the building.  Always the one to have a remarkably simple solution to any
problem, my mother said, "I just can't understand why they didn't pick a better night to hold your graduation!"  It was a long night.
Bob Osterloh
All of my family were with me trying to get out of the front entrance and no one could move an inch because the entrance was
blocked.  It was really storming outside so the first ones in the door did not want to go out in the storm and thus blocked the
entrance - My sister was so scared and claustrophobic that my Dad picked her up and put her on his shoulders while we waited
to get out of the door.  A night hard to forget!
Vi Perkin
It was so hot and humid that evening that I had persuaded my folks to leave the upstairs bedrooms windows open.  I don't
remember much about the graduation ceremony but do remember the storm.  And I also remember that when we got home my
mother's sewing machine cabinet was ruined by all the rain that had come in the window.  Since then my husband has
refinished the cabinet and retrofitted my new sewing machine in it.
Linda Stevens Bixler
All that I can definitely recall was that Barbara Bingham (my sister-in-law) and I had already received our diplomas and were
waiting offstage for friends who hadn't, as well as our family members.   We were thankful that we had ours in hand.  
Pansy Nelson Bingham
I remember that night as being very warm, with the prospects of rain.  As we all gathered there for our diplomas, the rain started
coming down.  I had a new white dress with a high collar and was almost as long as the gown I wore, and I was wearing high
heels too. So I was very uncomfortable, to say the least.  The power went out and needless to say it got very warm on that
stage.  I don't remember, but somehow I got my diploma and went to wait for my father to go get our '47 Chevy Coupe, and
come back and pick us up.  When I  stepped off the curb, I stepped down in ankle deep water. But I was so glad to be
graduating, I really didn't care.  It was over.
Carolyn McLemore Myers
Senior High School
"Class of 1953"