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We are adding links to some of your favorite web sites to make it
more convenient to visit.  We are starting by adding links to
other High School Class Web Sites.  If you have a class site that
you would like to add, drop us an email and we will add it to our
Current Central High School Web Site
Springfield Central High School
Current site of Parkview High School
Springfield Parkview High School
Current site of Hillcrest High School
Springfield Hillcrest High School
Current site of Glendale High School
Springfield Glendale High School
Current site of Kickapoo High School
Springfield Kickapoo High School
Central High School Class of 1957
Springfield Central High School 57
Class of 57
We would remiss if we didn't invite
everyone to visit our host web site
Welcome to Desertvista Idaho!
We are espceially proud of our
pictures of
Shoshone Falls the
"Niagara of the West."  
visit when you have the time.
Click here www.desertvistaid.com
Parkview High School Classof1957
Springfield MO Parkview High School
Hopefully we will be adding many
more links to this page.  We would
like to add links to other schools
such as your mates' class or those
of friends and relatives.  

If you have other sites that you like
and would be willing to share with
your classmates, send them to us
and we will add them here.
Parkview High School Class of 1958
Springfield MO Parkview High School 58
Venice High School
Venice, California

Submittted by:
Pansy Nelson Bingham   Click
Central High School Class of 1956
Springfield MO Central High School 56

Submitted by:
Kay Howerton Morrow
Senior High School Class of 1948
Springfield MO Senior High School 48
Van Horn High School
Independence, Missouri

Submitted by:
Pansy Nelson Bingham
Shasta High School Class of 1964
Redding, California

Submitted by:
Muriel Osterloh
For those of you who haven't visited
the "Heart Beats of the 50's and 60's"
click on the Juke Box and take a
sentimental stroll back in time to 50's
and 60's music and events.