It' s our duty to cherish and protect, to stand with pride at the sight of the
Flag of the United States of America.
The symbol of the great country that our military men and women have vowed  to protect.
We must not, we will not let their service and sacrifices be in vain.
Dedicated to these men, their families and loved ones by the
Senior Class of 1953 -Springfield, Missouri - Senior High School
With Love,Courage,and Conviction they made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may remain
2nd Lt.Harvey Richard Brown
U.S. Air Force
April 7, 1935  -  October 2, 1956
Maple Park Cemetery  Springfield
Cpl. George Walter McReynolds
U. S. Marine Corps
January 27, 1935 - February 17,
East Lawn Cemetery  Springfield
Jerry Lee Lewis
U.S. Army
8/31/1935 - 7/8/1998
Interment Unknown

Willis Murdaugh Jr.
U. S. Army
1935 - 1997
National Cemetary  San Jose, CA

William C (Bill) Nelson
Msgt. U.S. Air Force
1934 - 7/8/1998
National Cemetary  Springfield, MO

Duane Sturdefant
Spc3 U.S. Army
9/13/1934 - 2/24/2000
Logan National Cemetery  Denver, CO

Louis E. (Sonny) Truex
U. S. Marine Corps
5/28/1935 - 5/16/94
National Cemetery  Springfield, MO

John O'Brien
U. S. Navy
2/4/1935 - 5/22/2002
Acacia Park Cemetery  St. Paul MN

Max Walter Eagleburger
U. S. Marine Corps
5/20/1935  -  2/5/2005

Donald L. Ingalsbe
U. S. Navy
4/15/1935  -  5/22/2004

Jerry Thomas
U.S. Navy

Marvin Marshall
spec2 U.S. Army
Everett Evans
Sgt U.S. Marine Corps
7/12/1935 - 3/16/02
National Cemetery  Riverside, CA

Bob Fredrick
U.S. Navy
8/29/1935 - 1/25/03
National Cemetery  San Diego, CA

Jerry W. Hicklin
U. S. Marine Corps
8/23/35 - 10/4/99
St John's Cemetery  San Mateo, CA

Jerry Wallace Latham
SSgt. U.S. Air Force
12/12/1935 - 9/29/2005
Robberson Praire Cemetery   Springfield, MO

Thomas William Osbern
U. S. Navy
12/10/1934 - 5/19/2004
Missouri Veterans Cemetery  Springfield, MO

Earl Kain
U. S. Army
1/24/1934 - 11/15/2005
Cour d'Alene, ID

Fred Raines
U. S. Navy
4/19/1935 - 6-20-2006

John H. Stogsdill
U.S. Army

Richard Griter
U.S. Army Reserve

Harold Ege
Army National Guard

Larry Wiggins
Staff Sargent U.S. Army
We remember!
Our Classmates Who Didn't Come Home.
Here We Salute And Thank Our Classmates Who
Died After Completing Their Service To Our Nation!