SHS Class of 1953
Reunion News Updates
Yes!  Your planning committee is already arranging a great 60th Reunion that you
won't want to miss!!  You will be receiving your "Save the Date" Post Cards in
early October.  Log in often for update as we progress in our plans.

Barbara Crandall Sapp
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Barbara Crandall Sapp
2504 W Westview
Springfield, MO  65807
Monthly Classmate Luncheon at Village Inn Restaurant - on 10/9/12 -from left to right are:Carole Don Tidmore Wensel, Barbara
Crandall Sapp, Sally Day Stewart, Sharon Rogers Crismon and Jan Bischoff Carroll (Barbara, Carole Don & Jan are on the 60th
Reunion  Planning Committee.)
Enjoying a Monthly Classmate Luncheon on 10/10/12 at Primas Restaurant in Chesterfield Village are these 13 60th Reunion
Planners along with 1 guest.

Standing left to right are: Barbara Crandall Sapp, Leona Potter Snider, Joan Nellis Smith, Myrtle Slavens Shaw, Ida Mae Maloney
McKiney, Betty Best Letterman, Carole Don Tidmore Wensel, Barbara Stone Shaw, Jenny Hoover Gritzo    -

Seated left to right are: Pansy Nelson Bingham, Ella May Patton Bryant, her guest, Becky Davis Emerine, Charlotte Smith Northrip.

Not pictured but on Planning Committee are: Tom Bingaman,Jan Bischoff Carroll, Marthe Drummond Close, Jack Wensel, and
Margaret Willis Vertz
Just to let you know the reunion committee is at work to provide us with a wonderful Reunion that we will
forever remember. Thanks Barbara for these great pictures.
Update from your 60th Reunion Planning Committee -  Updated 5/6/2013

First, I want to say I have had such a great response from letters, e-mails, calls, donations, several from out-of-state; that I am so glad
we started planning another Reunion.

After a winter break, our Comittee met on May 2 and enthusiasticly pushed ahead with our many ideas for a "fun" Reunion!  We
concentrated on two areas where decisions needed to be made before our Letters/Reservation Forms go out on June 27.

First, Marthe Drummond Close described the details for our Saturday morning (9/21/13) get-together for TRAM RIDES, refreshments,
and visiting at "Close Memorial Park" with Botanical Center. Committees will soon be formed to complete these plans.

The second item was a difficult decision on the Menu we will offer for Saturday night at White Water Conference Center (Dogwood
Banquet Room).  Each Committee member voted and we think you will be very pleased with our selections and also,  that you wlll
have a choice between 2 different entrees.

Our next meeting will be on May 16 when other issues will be discussed and voted on.  Hope you're making plans to attend!!!  
Barbara Crandall Sapp
Your Reunion Planning Committee met again on May 16.

We made several decisions regarding what to include in the Letter/Reservation Foms which will be mailed to you on June 27th!

On May 23rd, a sub committee will visit 2 hotels near "Bass Pro" and the "White Water Convention Center" where our evening party
will be held. We will look around and talk with them about the amenities and whether breakfast is included.  Then we will ask about a
block of rooms at reduced rates for you.  This information will be included in the Letter if we are successful and approve of the

Our next meeting will be June 6.   Barbara Crandall Sapp
Reunion Committee News, June 6, 2013.

Hi Classmates -

You should have received your Letter/Reservation Form by now or very soon.  They were mailed on June 27.  It will be exciting for our
Committee to start receiving your Reservations and see who plans to attend.  I anticiipate the attendance will be good based on all the
Classmates  I have already heard from that are enthusiastic about another Reunion.

We will step up our Planning in July by forming more Committees and selecting the floral arrangements, etc for the dining room
tables.  We are working on some other projects to surprise you.

The Committee responsible for "Close Park" food, drink and Tram Rides is busy working on ideas for Saturday morning.  Hope you
plan to join us then for our opening greeting for the Reunion.  I will be reporting on this website as the Reservations arrive- maybe

More later,  Barbara Crandall Sapp
Reunion Committee News,  July 30, 2013

Hi Classmates - Reservations are arriving daily!!  We already have 69 people coming and know of many more who plan to attend.  We
have 15 Classmates with Reservations that did not make the 55th.

Last week, the Planning Committee met at "Artistry in Bloom" to select and get a bid for the table floral arrangements in the "Dogwood
Canyon" Banquet Room.  We agreed on the florals and their offer so contracted them to deliver and set these up on the afternoon of
September 21.

On August 8, Marty Drummond Close has invited the Committee and husbands to do the Tram Ride for which you have an opportunity
to sign up to ride on September 21. I have not personally been through the Park so I will write a little about what you will see later.

Our next meeting will be August 15 when we will cover several areas but mainly concentrate on how  we will handle Registration when
you all arrive.  We want it to be quick and easy for each of you.                           

More later, Your Classmate,  Barbara Crandall Sapp   

Just 24 more days until we will be seeing many of our high school friends and others at our 60th Reunion!!

I have received 95 Reservations and expect many more from people who have said they plan to attend!  These Reservations include
19 Classmates who did not     attend the 55th!  Also, there are many from out-of-state.  Check the List attending on this Website that I
update weekly.

Our Committee gets a real treat this Thursday - Marty Drummond Close has arranged a narrated trip on the Trams for our Committee
and a few spouses.This will be     like the Tram Rides offered on your Reservation Form and we still have some openings.  You can
also still sign up JUST to visit and enjoy some "goodies" on      Saturday morning.  All together, we have a good size crowd coming on
Saturday morning!

I believe all the plans are finalized and we all just have to follow thru with our assignments.  The Committee has been so great to
volunteer to perform various tasks     to create a great day of fun and fellowship for each of you.  Hope you can join us!!!