Opened in September 2006, Wellington
Place is located at 317 Park Central East in
Springfield, MO with entrance at the Historic
Gillioz Theatre. Owned and operated by
DBD Gourmet Inc., this reception /
convention facility proves to be one of the
most sought after in the Springfield area. In
business for only one year, the ballroom has
been host to many different events bringing
a country club feel to the downtown area.  
Wellington Place is located on the second
floor of the historic Netter's Department Store
Building on Park Central East. Built in 1915
Netters was home to the hottest fashion of
the day. Second floor, ladies apparel, is
where ladies would be sent for their viewing
of the lastest style in wedding gowns. Bridal
dressing rooms walled with hand painted
murals were the perfect place to find the
dress for your special day. Bordered by the
Gillioz Theatre, Netters was a downtown
Springfield icon. In the 1970's downtown
businesses began moving to other parts of
town leaving the area empty and unused. In
1979 The Gillioz Theatre closed and was
soon occupied by the homeless community
seeking shelter.
In 1987 Jim D. Morris purchased the Gillioz Theatre
strorefront and then the theatre house in 1990 to
prevent its transformation, like so many other
downtown buildings, into a nightclub. In 1992 the
Gillioz property was deeded to the Springfield
Landmarks Preservation Trust to begin a campaign
toward reconstruction. In 1998 the trust acquired the
Netters building in hopes to use the space as income
property to support the theatre and its efforts. In June
of 2006 the second floor of Netters, now called
Ronald and Nancy Regan Center, Jim D. Morris
Building, began transformation into what is now
known as Wellington Place. Once home to ecstatic
brides searching for the perfect gown now host to
receptions as the perfect end to a perfect day, this
building is steeped in matrimonial history. Wellington
Place is truly a beautiful spot for our 55th Class
Springfield Senior High School
Class of 1953  55th Reunion
September 27, 2008
The 55th Runion of the SHS Class of 1953
will be held at the Wellington Place on September 27, 2008
Wellington Place
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story of the renovated Gillioz Theater.  
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