Welcome to Joe's "On the Road' area of School Days.  

I have been granted the privilege of gather information to be used on
Joe's On the Road.  I would greatly like to
hear from anyone who would like to work with me on this part of our web site.  You may drop me an email at,


The area will change as we progress.  We would appreciate articles by classmates for now that reflect information

People.   Visits to friends and relatives among others.   

Places    Where do you go for recreation, winter travel, scenic beauty etc.

Events    Local events, fairs, car shows etc.  Nation events, conventions and the like.

Pictures are a real plus.  We will have some limits as to space so it is possible that some editing may be
necessary.  We would always try to communicate to the writer any need for editing.  I would dearly love to have
also a phone number, so we could chat one on one about your article,  (I use a Verizon cell phone so if yours is
the same we cold chat for free.)  as I would like to do a very short narrative in relation to the article.  

Joe Underwood
"On the Road"
With Joe Underwood
Classmates travel stories in word and