"On the Road"
With Joe Underwood
Classmates travel stories in word and
On the Road of Life

It is that special time of year, that each of us need to do a reality check and recall the special events of our
life, and just how blessed we are.

It occurs to me that each of us have had special events in our lives that have left us humble and thankful for
the gift of life.  Tragedies such as the loss of a loved one, family member, or close friend often leave us
without appropriate closure. It becomes necessary to shift our life choices to support those who depend on
us or call upon our unknown strength to deal with the world. Our life must  go on with a purpose.

I suggest that each of us take inventory of all those who have touched our lives and reach out at this time
and thank them for the special meaning each have brought to us.

I for one have been able to reach back into the past through our web site. The many memories recalled on
many occasions have served as sources of special joy, pride, and appreciation. All because of the work of
those who have made the web site a "place for the class of 53".  Those who have provided the technical
aspects we say "thank you" for a job well done.  The content of the web site is so special and all of you who
have contributed in may ways by responding to the various requests to provide insight into your world we
also wish to say "thank you".

I look at the great achievements of my classmates and think of all the positive ways in which they have
changed our world for the better.  I chat from time to time with individuals who say, " I haven't done much
in my life."  I then remind them of the unknown audience that watches each of us for the role model in each
of us and the "class of 53 attitude" of a positive approach to life.  Each individual is so important.

Glenda and I wish all those who view the Class of 53 web site, a great year to come and may each have the
much deserved blessings for their life.

Joe Underwood