Tom continues his tour of Springfield as it is today.  The following pictures of Close Memorial
Park are courtesy of Classmate Marthe Drummond Close

n 1998, Major Close (husband of
Marthe Drummond) and his sister
purchased some land adjoining
Nathanael Greene Park to give to the
city for a botanical park in memory of
their father, C.M. Close.

It was a jungle when they purchased it,
with a small lake. As it has been
developed, the lake was dredged and
made larger and the jungle has turned
into a number of flowers and tree
collections. Anne Drummond, Marty's
mother, gave an endowment to improve
and enlarge the lake, and the Parks
Department named it Lake Drummond,
in her honor.

Following her death in 2002, some of
her friends decided it would be
appropriate to commission a life-size
sculpture of her, sitting on a bench
beside the lake with her books. It was
completed in 2004 and is at the north
side of the lake.
Marthe Drummond Close poses beside the sculpture of her
mother Anne Drummond
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From a recent issue of the Missouri Conservationist a pathway through Close Memorial Park