Do You Remember?
Do you Remember when?  Memories allow us to relive the past  at almost any time, anywhere.  Good memories are more
valuable than silver or gold and are the assets of a lifetime.  Let's take a few minutes and look at some pictures of Springfield
during our high school years.  Tom has collected a series of pictures that will take us all around the town.  I hope that you
have good memories and enjoy the following pages here on School Days.  
Well, the drive inn's are almost gone. In many towns the drive inn was the general store with the chairs around the cracker
barrel for the younger generation. What a loss for this new generation. How many friendships began at the drive inn?  How
many of us met our future mates at the drive inn?  What a wonderful time in our young lives.  What wonderful memories!  
Tom's Springfield Tour!
Tom's Springfield Tour!